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Portable Ionic Air Purifier

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Our Portable Ionic  Air Purifier is ozone-free, meaning it does not use zone technology to remove harmful particles from the atmosphere. Instead, we use a safe ionic purification technology that uses 20 million negative ions to remove PM2.5 particles and pollen from the air surrounding you.

It is also ultraquiet so you can continue going the things you love with disruption and easy to operate.

The device is also rechargeable via USB and lasts up to 30 hours. It’s time to take control of your health, starting with the air you breathe.

All round: more than 20 million negative ions are released around, which is more scientific and more average in distribution. Negative ions are distributed along the wall, forming a full surrounded negative ion surround.

Power saving: smart a chip power saving scheme, durable.

More reasonable space purification mode: 40 seconds a light breath, more scientific increase and decrease in the amount of release.

Easy to use: one button switch, eliminating the cumbersome dialing and inserting. Plug and play, ease of mind. It is exquisite and small, and does not block other rows.

Widely applicable: it can be used in bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, study room, office, etc.



  • Color: White,Green,Pink,Black
  • Type: EU,US
  • Power supply: AC
  • Control method: push-button
  • Application area: 41㎡ (inclusive)-60㎡ (inclusive)


  • 1 x Portable Ionic Air Purifier