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Oystita USB Tribal Razor

Cool Guys Have Their Own USB Shaver To Take Care Of Their Looks!

Long hair and messy buns are not popular with the ladies and every cool guy should own a hygiene kit that has one of these  USB Tribal Shaver. Get a cool fresh shave look with a few zip zip, run over with this  USB Shaver.

Whether you are a professional hairstylist or an armature at this form of art you could use   one of the best tools there are in the market which is this USB Shaver. 

It has   super cool manly designs that will impress your buddies and not mention would   give you a comfortable grip.  It is waterproof too so you   can clean it easily  by running it through the water. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your very own USB Shaver.


✅Professional Cut  – If you are looking for a cool cut this summer then you need a trim. The difference between a dollar haircut and a 20 dollar haircut is the equipment. Whether you are a professional barber or an armature stylist this USB Shaver will do the trick.

✅Powerful Motor  - When you are looking for a close shave this is a good tool to use. It has a powerful motor that can go through any thick hair. This small shaver packs a lot of horsepower inside its little frame. You can save time with its powerful motor going through your hair once with this power-packed motor.

✅Waterproof   – After a good shave you can run this USB shaver through water without fear of ruining it because one of its cool features is that it is waterproof. Cleaning will be a breeze with this shaver. We also provide you with a small brush so you can swipe through the little cracks where hair might get stuck.

✅Fast Charging   – You will not have to wait long before you use this shaver, perfect for everyday use. Just charge it for an hour or so and you can use it for days because it is fast charging and has long-lasting batteries. It is made from quality materials.

✅Cool Design  - You have different designs to choose from. It has manly colours and so are their designs like a dragon and skull design. It is perfect for a young hip metrosexual man who knows how to take care of his appearance.


  • Size: 142*40*23 mm


  • 1 x USB Shaver
  • 4 x Head of Shaver
  • 1 x USB Chord
  • 1 x Brush