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Heated Sherpa Wool Mattress Pad

Ideal For Hot And Cold Climates And All-season Comfort!

Our Heated Sherpa Wool Mattress Pad provides ultimate comfort and peace of mind for a truly restful sleeping experience.

Made with high-loft polyes­ter fiberfill that cushions to give you a cozy feel and relaxing sleep.

The top is made of cotton polyester fabric while the bottom layer of stretch polyester knit with poly­urethane laminate stops moisture and other spills from damaging your mattress without trapping body heat.

Constructed with a beautiful quilted pattern, walls between top and bottom layers pre­vent polyester filling from clumping and shifting.

keeping it evenly distributed below you while cushioning your pressure points as sleep.


  • 1 x Heated Sherpa Wool Mattress Pad