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3D USB Mosquito Trap Lamp


A beautiful way to get rid of deadly mosquitos inside your house!

These lamps are so beautifully effective, that you'll want to put one in every room in your house.

Quietly attract, remove, and kill those dangerous pests inside your home! Our 3D USB Mosquito Trap Lampwill protect you and your loved ones. It attracts and then pulls the pest into its trap where they simply die. It does this without looking like an eyesore!

ECO-FRIENDLY:No harmful chemicals or radiation, extremely eco-friendly. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere. Beautiful to look at but deadly for pests!

DECORATIVE TRAP:Our innovative 3d mosquito killer is an insect-killing light. Serves as the night pearl in the dark and the cage of mosquitoes afterward.

SILENT NOISE REDUCTION UPGRADE:3D stereo lighting and silent design allow pregnant women, babies, and the elderly to use it with peace of mind.

COOL LIGHTWAVE FOR FATAL TEMPTATION:365 nanometer light wave is designed for full-angle diffusion mosquito trapping light. Colorful patterns give you different visual effects.


  • Material: Acrylic Plate PP material
  • Size: 14 * 12 * 15.5cm
  • Rated Voltage: 220v110-220v


  • 1 x 3D USB Mosquito Trap Lamp